My Passion for Youth Athletics

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My seven & four year old grandsons are bombarded with technology every day.  Cable TV, Smart Phones, Tablets, video games, are everywhere all the time.  I watch my son & daughter-in-law struggle figuring out how to balance the need to stay current with the technology but not let it consume their kids.  There’s no question that tomorrow’s leaders will be much more worldly than my generation because of the exposure they have had to the internet and its’ resources.  But will they have the benefit of playing sports in a positive program that promotes sportsmanship along with the benefits of physical activity & competition?

I joined Tony Segreto Sports to help them find that balance by encouraging positive sporting experiences.  Sports of all kinds have so many life lessons imbedded in them along with the physical benefits. Study after study shows how important it is in overall development to be active.  The increased blood flow in the body and brain encourages growth, relieves stress, and sends positive thoughts and feelings throughout our system.  Goal setting, sacrifice, competition, pushing through self-doubt and persevering are great lessons.  Team sports teach social skills, celebrating wins together and accepting blame individually, and the beauty of coming together as one.

As in most endeavors there are those who do it right  and then there are those who go too far. Parents, coaches, and kids all need guidance in knowing how much is too much.  Where can they go for unbiased information that is given strictly for their own good?  TSS will be a trusted resource for them to get answers.   Our contacts throughout the sporting world along with our own experiences provide resources to lead parents, coaches, & kids in the right direction.  I’m looking forward to being a part of helping enhance the sports experience for my grandsons & our youngest generation.

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