Stan Wilcox, Florida State University Athletic Director

By August 31, 2017 No Comments

Florida State University Athletic Director Stan Wilcox, has led an incredibly full life in athletics. He’s served in an administrative roles at Notre Dame, the NCAA, Big East, and Duke University. He grew up in New York playing all kinds of sports, but was especially good in both baseball and basketball. He, like many boys in New York in the 60’s, dreamed of being either Tom Seaver or Walt Frazier. Legends are made on the basketball playgrounds of New York, and Wilcox became one of them. He was offered scholarships to all the top schools in the country coming out of High School. He chose Digger Phelps and Notre Dame, where as a freshman made it to the Final Four.


In today’s podcast, Wilcox talks about a myriad of subjects from his young playing days, to when as he says “the light went on in his head” that playing in the NBA would not be a reality and how his education would take center stage. He also discusses his role as Florida State’s Athletic Director  and the importance of recruiting athletes of character, who put as much effort into the classroom as they do in their respective sports.