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The Inspiration Behind Our Misson

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My first entry comes as a result of what I witnessed one year ago, where 2 High School coaches proved to me this website is needed.

Not only did they mismanage their team, they caused the drama they preach to their team they don’t want.

Coaches are leaders and the most effective leader is one that builds the team up.

What I witnessed on this February night was the epitome of how not to lead a HS Softball team.

Time has since tempered my disgust for how a young HS team was treated, but my belief on how young athletes should be led has only grown stronger.That night, one year ago, coaches brought their team back to campus after winning a game (a comeback win), sent them to the field, turned the lights on, and ran them for 45 minutes. All because they felt they needed it.  Girls got sick, most were in tears, while others simply quit. Soon after, in the middle of the season, the coaches resigned.

Is that the example we want impressionable youth to be subject to? I certainly don’t. Unfortunately, we see this scene more often than not.

I sit here today as one of the proud founders of Tony Segreto Sports. We are passionate about creating a movement where we put balance and true realistic perspective back into youth athletics -From coaches to parents to the athletes themselves 

We strongly believe that success should be measured not by wins and losses, but by developing a love for the sport or sports they participate in.

No level of success can be achieved without passion for what we (all) do. It’s up to us as adult leaders to help our youth find that passion and develop it, not tear it apart. 

A wise teacher of youth athletics recently told me that when he speaks to coaches he says success should not be measured by how many games you win, but by how many of your athletes sign up to play next season.

We invite you to join our movement. We plan on launching our radio show and podcasts in the first quarter of 2016. Most importantly we want to be interactive with you. So please feel free to contact us and share your stories and experiences and become part of what we believe can be impactful in a world that desperately needs it. The only way we can make a true impact in the lives of our young athletes is to all come together to share ideas, and personal experiences. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tony Segreto

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