Bringing sportsmanship

and character back

into youth athletics.

By providing a guide to positive athletics, the Tony Segreto Sports Movement will be a catalyst for this shift in attitude and the migration back to core positive standards of good sportsmanship and character. Sports are designed to help athletes of all ages, particularly young ones, grow in mind, body, and spirit in a positive manner, garnering important life lessons along the way.

Tony Segreto Sports is prepared to help bring sportsmanship and character back to youth athletics while helping young athletes find and grow their passion.


Tony Segreto


Tony was one of the most experienced and trusted anchors on South Florida television. He was an integral part of the NBC6 news team for 40 years. Tony sits on the Boards of numerous charitable organizations including; the Dan Marino Foundation, Boys and Girls Club of Broward County, 211 Broward, The Community Foundation of Broward, and Forever Family.

David McCain

David McCain – David is an owner and co-founding partner of MPKA which provides M&A services, capital sourcing, debt restructuring, strategic planning, consulting, and financial services advice to the homebuilding industry, real estate developers, commercial real estate investors, and mortgage lenders.

Alicia Laszewski

Alicia is a seasoned, hands on executive with a wide array of professional experience in Marketing and Communications. She formed Your Brand Lab in 2013 after holding several senior level positions in both Corporate and Non-profit arenas. Prior to forming her own firm, Alicia was the Vice President of Brand, Culture, Communications, and Marketing for global call center firm, C3/CustomerContactChannels.

Dave Shula

Dave began his professional life with the Baltimore Colts as a wide receiver and kick return specialist. He then moved into the professional coaching ranks for the next 15 years starting with the Miami Dolphins, then the Dallas Cowboys and finally the Cincinnati Bengals where he spent four and one half years as head coach.

Our Movement

is creating the

headlines of tomorrow.

Many well-known athletes along with everyday not-as-well-known figures support the movement already, and the numbers are growing.

Together, each brings varying positive perspectives toward the common goal of bringing balance and enjoyment back to youth sports. These are the stories that will be shared and provide tomorrow’s headlines.