Building Champions of Character

Our Mission

The mission of Tony Segreto Sports is to take back our playing fields, courts, and arenas and put sportsmanship and character back on the map within youth athletics. By touching coaches, parents, and athletes with its positive messages through a variety of communications channels, Tony Segreto Sports will make positivity be the “norm” once again in youth athletics.

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Our Movement

Our growing grassroots initiative that will change the way we experience the world of amateur athletics, specifically the 6-17 year old age bracket. Our vision is to be and provide the insider’s game plan for players, parents and coaches, serving as a guide to positive athletics.

The movement is designed to shape the way each of these participating groups—players, parents, and coaches—live in the world of youth athletics, by providing advice, open discussion forums, and educational pieces in various formats.

The Tony Segreto Sports Movement is connecting community members through a variety of communications channels including radio, podcasts, digital content, webinars, training, and subscription based newsletters. The Tony Segreto Sports ‘game plan’ and ‘guide’, will be told through multiple voices representing various viewpoints and real life stories in a healthy and balanced fashion.

Our Focus

It's not about being a champion on the field. It's about being a champion of character.

Tony SegretoFounder

Let’s bring sportsmanship

back to our fields,

courts, and areas. 

Everyone who has been a part of youth athletics in some capacity has a “story.” For some, it is witnessing parents relentlessly screaming at their 8-year old child who is not performing to their standards. For others it may be parents criticizing the skills of a player that is not their own child, often done in a demeaning manner.

Or, it could simply be the forcefulness of a coach asking a child to specialize in a sport by the age of 6, or insist that a 16 year old prioritize their sports talent over their education.

Deteriorating sportsmanship standards in youth athletics has become much too frequent and drastic. This a negative trend that must stop and inappropriate behavior needs to be curbed.

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